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Why Australian companies reverse out of the cloud …

"There are numerous use cases on how cloud is helping organisations to move faster, rapidly deploy new systems and drive unheralded innovation," Martin told CRN. "However, not all workloads are ready for the cloud. In the early days, a number of businesses jumped headlong into cloud only to be hit with a bit of bill shock causing a number to re-evaluate their cloud position."

Why Australian companies reverse out of the cloud

While utilising the cloud can have operational and financial benefits for a business, it has always been obvious that there are many factors that need to be considered to ensure those benefits can be realised. This article from CRN highlights the experiences of some companies that have moved to the cloud and had to reassess what their objectives for cloud are and in some cases realign their objectives because of their experiences. These are not Cloud negative experiences but positive experiences for other companies who are prepared to learn from these situations.

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Source: Why Australian companies reverse out of the cloud – Cloud – CRN Australia