Recent Projects

With a multitude of product offerings and providers servicing the cloud, choosing the right solution with the best mix of features can be a daunting experience for business operators. Hotmix Groups’ experience of cloud based solutions and services coupled with our understanding of the needs of business ensures that our clients a) make the right choice and b) have a smooth transition to cloud based services.

Hotmix Group have already assisted a number of clients move key aspects of their operations to cloud based services and to deploy new solutions that leverage existing 3rd party cloud applications, commonly referred to as Software as a Service. These include such 3rd party services as Office 365 and Salesforce.

In addition to this we have assisted clients in deploying hosted server solutions that leverage the large scale resources of hosted infrastructure providers enabling our clients to maximise their access to resources while reducing deployment costs. An example is server hardware purchases, which can be a substantial upfront capital expenditure.