Recent Projects

Energy trading occurs in Australia via a number of authorised trading market places. These market places operate on a offer and draw basis where by energy producers offer production capacity to managers of the energy distribution grid. Hotmix Group has developed turnkey solutions for multiple Energy Producers to enable them to monitor and verify the draw demands of the energy distribution grids.

These solutions integrate with existing production and billing systems and provide a faster more streamlined system for monitoring production and consumption. Due to the structure of the energy trading market places and demarcation boundaries at grid interconnect locations, energy producers are reliant on grid managers for their supply and draw metrics.

This creates the situation whereby consumption based billing is difficult to monitor and verify. The turnkey solutions offered by Hotmix Group capture both internal and draw data, comparing them for discrepancies and generating exception reports where discrepancies are identified. These reports are then utilised to ensure that any necessary billing adjustments can be raised in a timely manner.

This ensures that:

  • Draw/Consumption is verified against grid management consumption claims
  • Discrepancies are highlighted in exception reports
  • Producers can raise variations in supply accounts in a timely fashion
  • Short payments can be identified and resolved quickly
  • Cash flow management is improved