Automated Document solutions

Automated preparation and submission of applications, registrations and change of registered details documents to Government entities requires that prepared documents conform to Government documentation specifications and that all provided data is verified and correct. For security reasons the submitting party must be correctly authenticated and their identity is proven before submissions are accepted. Government systems utilize a token based identity system to verify all submitting parties during document transactions.

Hotmix Group has developed solutions that integrate all of the required elements to provide a streamlined, automated document submission platform. Efficiency benefits are realisd by increasing the number and speed of submissions, improving data accuracy while reducing staffing requirements.

The platform can utilize several different authentication methods in addition to tokens, such as digital certificates and two factor authentication. Other methods can be incorporated as they become more widely adopted including biometric ID.

The modular nature of the platform means that it can be structured for various other tasks including automated order processing and fulfillment, contract documentation preparation and distribution, legal document preparation and submission, financial and insurance contract preparation and submission.

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