Free IT Assessment Explained

What does the Free IT Assessment involve?
Quite simply the Free IT Assessment reviews your existing IT infrastructure and general business processes to determine if your business is getting the greatest IT benefit possible.

What aspects for the Free IT Assessment consider?
Factors that are considered include:

  • Age of equipment and operating systems
  • Are there disruptive IT issues that continually resurface
  • What and how, Software and IT hardware are being used in your business
  • What elements can be improved with exiting IT assets
  • Can other methods, services or types of equipment improve efficiency
  • Can your businesses data and IP be leveraged to improve efficiency and profitability

  • Is there any obligation implied in the Free IT Assessment?

    Absolutely none. The old adage when it comes to medical advice to seek a second opinion rings true for many situations.

    At Hotmix Group we think second opinions can be valuable because a different perspective may highlight an opportunity that hasn’t been noticed before OR it might just confirm that you are on the right track and have the best solution available for your type of business. Either way we think it’s a win win.

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