Computer Repairs Perth

Need fast computer repairs? Same Day service? Perth Metro area?

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Our knowledgeable technicians with 20 years experience are ready to help.

If you are experiencing any of the following problems we can help:

  • Computer not turning on?
  • Computer making strange noises?
  • Computer is running very slowly?
  • Computer taking to long to start up?
  • Printer not working?
  • Virus, malware spyware infections

  • Need help with iPhone or Android device?
  • Internet not working?
  • Email not working?
  • Can't find other computers on the network?
  • Can't connect to servers?
  • Lost data/ failed hard drive?

Hotmix Group technicians can provide fast same day repairs, service and support for all your Business IT and computer needs needs. We can assist with all minor and major issues, faults, repairs, maintenance, troubleshooting, virus cleaning, malware and spyware cleaning, networking configuration, WiFi, mobile devices, iPhones, Android, security and management, lost data recovery, failed hard drives.


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